Post doctoral position in the Birdsong Lab

A postoctoral fellow postiion is available in the laboratory of Dr. Will Birdsong in the Edward F. Domino Research Center in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Michigan. This NIH funded position will focus on applying electrophysiological, pharmacological, and imaging techniques to study opioid modulation of pain and reward circuitry. 

The suitable candidate will be enthusiastic, motivated and capable of pursuing independent research projects centered around the mechanisms of opioid signaling during acute and chronic drug exposure. Candidates must have a PhD in neuroscience, pharmacology or a related field. Duties include experimental design, data analysis, performing rodent surgical procedures, preparation of acute brain slices and obtaining electrophysiological recordings. There will be opportunities to carry out projects involving 2-photon and confocal microscopy. Additionally, multiple labs in the Department of Pharmacology pursue cutting-edge opioid research with molecular, cellular, circuit, and behavioral foci providing the opportunity for collaboration.

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