Post Doctoral position in the Bobeck


The Bobeck Lab in the Department of Biology at Utah State University is currently looking for a postdoctoral researcher to study the neurobiology of pain and opioid tolerance and addiction. Candidates with expertise in neuroanatomical, biochemical, and behavioral approaches are strongly encouraged to apply. Candidates should have a doctoral degree in neuroscience, pharmacology, or related field. The main focus of the Bobeck Lab is to examine how G-protein coupled receptor systems regulate different neurological functions especially anxiety, pain, and addiction. One of the research projects involves characterization of a novel neuropeptide-receptor system, BigLEN-GPR171, and how it regulates responses to pain and reward. The second project involves investigating the cellular mechanisms of how different opioids alleviate pain, which lead to differences in the development of tolerance and addiction. 


If interested please email Dr. Erin Bobeck at your CV, research interest statement, and contact information for 3 references.

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